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 Goal setting can be easily taught to children of all ages.  The secret of attraction is no secret.  Parenting can be easier when the master key is in your hands.  Tam Veilleux and Molly Kite & Co. gives parents & kids a new way to look at the message of dream – do – have, all you need to know are the ABC’s of Dreaming.

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Molly Kite dreams of being a potter but doesn’t know the first thing about forming clay, so she decides there is only one thing she can do.  Learn how seven year old Molly Kite and her constant companion Faith use the Law of Attraction dream, do, have process to achieve Molly’s dream in a short time.

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The Molly Kite Diary

Molly Kite, her intuitive rag doll Faith, brother Banjo, Nana Whacky, and pet raven Johnny Poe will teach your youngsters the art of heart centered living.  The first story in the Molly Kite series eases kids and their caregivers into understanding the simplicity of the law of attraction (dream, do, have).  The first title is ready for purchase.  Kids ages 4-99 are going to love the colorful cast of characters and the messages they deliver.

The delightful main characters evoke kids of all ages to dream big dreams and have faith and trust that they can come true.

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KUDOS FOR MOLLY KITE! “During a time of uncertainty in the lives of many, this charming story is a must for everyone.  It’s an endearing tale of desire, hope, faith and gratitude.” ~ Kathy Griffiths, Insightful Nana

“Molly Kite offers a gift that will restore your faith in dreams and a young person’s
heart. This is a lesson we should all pay attention to!”  ~Jim Bouchard, speaker, Media personality and author of THINK Like a BLACK BELT

You can bring the Molly Kite characters to your home.  Engage everyone you love in a kinder way of living. Buy your copy now, click HERE!

BOOK TOUR ALERT:  **Now bringing “Molly Kite’s Big Dream” to libraries, school assemblies, home school associations, book stores, staff development meetings and cafe’s near you. Contact us to add your kids and caregivers to the tour! Our most recent stop was Clay Play in Yarmouth, Maine. Will your venue be next? Bring author Tam Veilleux to your school, church, parent group meeting or business.

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