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Better Media Means Better Kids

Dear Diary,

This is Nana Whacky~ I am hi-jacking my young grandaughter Molly Kite’s journal entry today. Since she and I have open discussions about big topics that she writes about in this journal, today I want to add my own two cents.

Making good choices as a conscious caregiver can be tough. I say parenting is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Fighting over the television channel is never easy. What I know to be an unhealthy habit is lost on little ones who just want to sit and be entertained. Happily, I just found this excellent graphic from that shows that when you change the television channel to educational programming for kids, great results can happen. It’s good news for parents who are willing to use their remote as you will see in the following graphic.

I hope Molly Kite reads this and realizes that when I change her television channel it is because I am determined to help her make better judgements, end conflicts without violence, and just plain be a better person.
Better TV Infographic


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