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Get Unstuck

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I dropped honey on my dress when I was snacking. What a mess !How can I get unstuck? I have Faith that an answer will come.

Sticky kisses,


Dream Do Have Party

Be Do and Have Party Invite

Dear Diary,

I’m having a law of attraction party!! Halloween is over but the fun doesn’t have to end. A lovely law of attraction coach named Slavika said: “It would be great if parents would create kids parties where kids would dress up and make believe, play roles [...]

Jackie Evancho Believes

Dear Diary, 

Today I saw Nana Whacky looking at this video of Jackie Evancho singing a pretty song. This little girl is amazing. I find her very inspiring. I hope other kids see her and believe that they can be special, too.

Snickerdoodle kisses,

MK (& Faith)

Change The World in 5 Minutes a Day

Kids everywhere are changing the world five minutes at a time. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes.

MagicBlox and Molly Kite

Molly Kite & Co. loves collaborating with Molly Kite. When people work together for one common goal, the world becomes a better place. In February “Molly Kite’s Big Dream” is going to be available at the up and coming kid’s digital library .  Your membership at Magic Blox provides your young reader with hours [...]

Molly Kite Book Review

This children’s book review comes from Chris Linden and his family. Chris is human resource specialist and has no affiliation with the author of “Molly Kite’s Big Dream”. Chris said:

Author Tam Veilleux and Illustrator Russ Cox did a fabulous job creating Molly Kite’s Big Dream. This is a wonderful introduction to the law of [...]

A Beautiful and Inspiring Video

This video about artistic expression is touching and [...]

Let Your Little Light Shine

I wish every kid would let their little light shine! This Bruce Springsteen video is so much fun.

I don't wait to go to sleep before I dream and set goals

I dream with my eyes wide open. It’s no secret. It’s true! I don’t wait to go to sleep before I dream and set goals. I be sure to dream every day and use the law of attraction. One of my biggest dreams is to be a potter. One day I want to have made hundreds of pieces of pottery with bright colors and fun designs. [...]