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Molly Kite and the MagicBlox Library Card

Do you know that you can get an online library card with MagicBlox?  “Molly Kite Has Faith”  is available online with audio through this amazing company that publishes children’s books online.  If your young reader loves technology then get him or her a library card at MagicBlox and start the year off right.

Happy New Year

My companion Faith is always with me and this year we are going to touch as many people as possible.

The start of a new year sure is a great time to dream big.  I hope you set your goals high just as I have.  This year I want to be seen by hundred maybe even [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from Molly Kite

Dear Friends and Family~

I love my Mama’s turkey dinner and  Nana Whacky makes some crazy good gravy! But do you know what really rocks my world?  I love, love, love hanging out with big brother Banjo, my cousins, my Pops and our neighbor, Lady E.  On Thanksgiving Day it’s a great time to say thank [...]

Take Care of Each Other With the 50 Women Project

I heard Nana Whacky talking about the 50 Women Project.  She said that MJ Schrader has asked women from all over the world to participate by agreeing to help fifty women over the course of one year and then report it on her website.
Faith says giving of ourselves to others opens our hearts for more [...]

Winning and Losing With Grace

Hey friend, someone had to lose and someone had to win. I knew when we started to play that one of us would be on the winner side and one of us would be on the loser’s side. Didn’t you know that, [...]

You See What You Believe

You can only see what your mind is ready to believe so train your brain to belief in the best for yourself.  It’s a simple concept:  Thoughts Become Things.  Because everything is energy including our thoughts, we can only have in our life that which we have already conceived in via our thoughts.  Every single [...]

Where Is The Wisdom

Where in your child’s life is the wisdom coming from? If your little pile of love is sitting in front of the television while you are playing on FaceBook do you really know the depth of the messages being delivered to the small sponge you birthed? Powerful characters like Nana Whacky, a [...]

Smiling Otis and Molly Kite

The illustrator of Molly Kite & Company is one talented dude.  Russ Cox the talented digital illustrator of Smiling Otis studios has brought to life author Tam Veilleux’s vision of characters Molly Kite, Faith, Banjo, Johnny Poe, and Nana Whacky. His creative style perfectly suits the energy, vibrancy and zest of the individuals portrayed in [...]

Molly Kite and Maggie the Magnificent

If your older child needs some adventure and personal development then meet Molly Kite’s friend “Maggie the Magnificent”.  These adventuresome stories by author Erin Ley will take your pre-teen through some excursions with memorable messages.  From the Maggie the Magnificent website:

“Erin Ley’s children’s book series, brilliantly illustrated by Stephen Adams, are out-of-this-world adventures that kids [...]

Law of Attraction for Children

What you think about is what you get.  What you focus your attention on is what comes to fruition in your reality. This is the law of attraction.

For children that can be a big concept which is why I brought Molly Kite to life.  I wanted to teach kids, and their parents, about dreaming big [...]