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Change The World in 5 Minutes a Day

Kids everywhere are changing the world five minutes at a time. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes.

Operation Santa

Many needy children do not have the same good luck as I do. Thankfully many children believe in the goodness and charity of the Christmas season that does not come in the form of [...]

I believe

I believe in good things. I believe that what I wish for I can have. I believe it is good to have goals. I believe that having faith has power. I believe in the strength of family ties. I believe playing is good for me. I believe girls and boys are equal. I believe in [...]

Abraham Lincoln Got It Right

Whatever you decide to be, do or have do it the best you [...]

What Inspires You?

Finding inspiration can be difficult sometimes. I think it’s really important that you find out what makes you [...]

Begin With A Dream

Nana Whacky tells me it is important to have dreams. [...]

A Beautiful and Inspiring Video

This video about artistic expression is touching and [...]

Warren Whitlock Says Listen and Love

Warren Whitlock is one smart guy. He says “Listen & Love”. That is a simple idea that everyone can [...]

Let Your Little Light Shine

I wish every kid would let their little light shine! This Bruce Springsteen video is so much fun.

Out Of The Way and Into The Possibility

I was whining to Nana Whacky about wanting a new iPod. I told her my allowance money wasn’t adding up very quickly at all. She said to me “Get out of your own way and into your possibilities.” She then giggled and called me a little ninny, whatever that is. I [...]