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Parenting Behavior: How to model goal setting

Parenting Behavior: How to model goal setting

Model Goal Setting

Creating Cooperative Kids TV

Author and speaker Tam Veilleux is pleased to announce her upcoming visit to Creating Cooperative Kids TV where host Bill Corbett will talk with her about how to model goal setting and other supportive parenting behaviors. It’s important that parents not just speak about setting goals to their kids, but they must also demonstrate it through action and behaviors. This discussion with Mr. Corbett is going to be taped in front of a live studio audience in June 2013.

Molly Kite loves Kid President and the Harlem Shake

Dear Diary,

Hi, it’s me, Molly Kite! I was just using my iPad to find some music to exercise to when I came across a video Kid President doing the Harlem Shake. WHOOPEE! What fun. That kid really makes me giggle. I’d love to be his friend.

Kid President Harlem Shakes real nice!

I like to imagine what it would be like to have the world’s largest Harlem Shake party. Maybe we could get Ellen Degeneres to lead the way, invite Kid President and US Olympics Gymnastics team, The Boston Bruins, The New England Patriots players, the Real Housewives of New Jersey (because Mama says they need some joy) and all of the school children in the United States to participate.It would be so much fun to dance with other people.

Maybe I’ll get the party started by practicing with my brother Banjo. He’s a great Gangham style dancer. In the meantime, I’m going to go buy some new sneakers to be ready for this dance party.

Today is fun, don’t you think?!

Blueberry kisses~

Molly Kite & Faith


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Get Unstuck

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I dropped honey on my dress when I was snacking. What a mess !How can I get unstuck? I have Faith that an answer will come.

Sticky kisses,


Better Media Means Better Kids

Dear Diary,

This is Nana Whacky~ I am hi-jacking my young grandaughter Molly Kite’s journal entry today. Since she and I have open discussions about big topics that she writes about in this journal, today I want to add my own two cents.

Making good choices as a conscious caregiver can be tough. I say parenting is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Fighting over the television channel is never easy. What I know to be an unhealthy habit is lost on little ones who just want to sit and be entertained. Happily, I just found this excellent graphic from that shows that when you change the television channel to educational programming for kids, great results can happen. It’s good news for parents who are willing to use their remote as you will see in the following graphic.

I hope Molly Kite reads this and realizes that when I change her television channel it is because I am determined to help her make better judgements, end conflicts without violence, and just plain be a better person.
Better TV Infographic


Discipline Training for the Media

Better media for kids

Dear Diary,

It seems that there isn’t enough discipline in the world and maybe it starts with the people who write tv shows! Brother Banjo and I were watching a funny show the other morning and really enjoying ourselves when suddenly the little boy in the show spoke very badly to his mother. He called her a name, shouted at her and stormed out of the room while the mom just rolled her eyes and laughed and the grandfather said something about the child being a “chip off the old block.” There was even the sound of an audience laughing out loud. Well, Diary, I tell you this. I don’t know what block that chip came from, but it’s not one Banjo or I want to be part of.

I’m glad Mama and Papa have taught our family kindness. It’s something our family values in a big way. When we are out of line in our words or actions we are sat down and asked to express ourselves differently. It’s really hard to do sometimes, but we work through it together.

The television show problem helped Banjo and I start a conversation. “What if TV shows only allowed respectful interactions,” said my brother. “YES!” I shouted “And what if when something not very nice came up there was a banner that ran across the television with a warning that said “This Is NOT How You Should Behave”.

That made Banjo laugh out loud before offering ‘What if the parent’s were disciplined for misbehaving or for allowing disrespect?! They should have cleared up the issue with the kid right away instead of allowing that kind of bad behavior.”

Now my brain was really thinking hard and little Johnny Poe danced a little as he waited for my next big idea. “What if when people act rudely or without respect they are lovingly taught an option they could have used. We could retrain people by having them write sentences that help them remember a better choice, like: I always speak with respect to everyone. Or, I act as a great model of courtesy.”

The way Johnny Poe is jumping up and down and ruffling his feathers I’d say he thinks we kids are pretty smart! (Maybe I’ll run for president.)

Better media makes beautiful people. I’m Molly Kite and I have Faith!!

Blueberry hugs & kisses,

Molly Kite & Faith

Dream Do Have Party

Be Do and Have Party Invite

Dear Diary,

I’m having a law of attraction party!! Halloween is over but the fun doesn’t have to end. A lovely law of attraction coach named Slavika said: “It would be great if parents would create kids parties where kids would dress up and make believe, play roles as what they want to become when they are adults.” I talked with brother Banjo, Nana Whacky, Mama and Papa and we all agree that this will be great fun and powerful for everyone. The idea is that I invite friends to do a “look forward to the future” event.

I will invite other kids that have higher goals and want to achieve them. Everyone will invest some money in their future in order to create an outstanding night. We will dress up as what we have become in the future. We could be millionaire real estate investors, famous author, fashion designer, firemen, artists, missionaries…anything really! Each person must play the role all night long. I’ll have Mama and Papa play-act as reporters and photographers…Everyone will only speak about their achievements in the past tense the entire night.

Shoo Doggie, this will be amazing! An enormous energetic attraction will be created to all those who are there.

I have to go, I have lots to do to prepare this event for all of my friends. Brother Banjo has already decided he’s going as a professional radio announcer for the RedSox. He’s been practicing shouting things like “Strike three, he’s OUTTATHERE!” and he’s even doing videos of himself in mock commercials. My dreams are so big that I have to go do some real deep thinking to come up with a great costume and decide for sure what I want to BE, DO and HAVE in my future. Write a guest list. Prepare some food. Decorations. Babysitter for Faith. No wait! Faith will be with me the whole time.

Party planner extraordinaire,

Molly Kite

Kids Watching TV Is Not For Me

Kids and TelevisionDear Diary, today I was at the library and I came across some numbers about children’s television habits that really surprised me. Here at our home our down-time in front of the tv or internet is limited and monitored, but I guess there aren’t too many families who are careful like we are.  This is what I learned:

  • The average time kids spend watching TV each day is four hours. (Wow! my Mom and Papa limit me to an hour each of television and internet)
  • Children spend more time watching television than an other activity except sleep. (Well not me anyway. I spend many hours outside playing, cooking in the kitchen with Nana Whacky and having volunteer time, too.)
  • 54% of all children have a television set in their room. (If I had a TV set in my room then who would I watch “Wheel of Fortune” with? Gee, that’s no fun!)
  • 44% of kids say they watch something different when they are alone than with their parents and 25% of those kids choose MTV. (If I really want to watch MTV shouldn’t I be able to watch it with adults who love me? There must be a reason kids are watching without adults in the room to guide them. Besides, I wouldn’t want Faith to see some of the stuff I hear about on that channel.)

You know, Dear Diary, maybe I’m just different, but I’m okay with that. I don’t need the television to entertain me. I make up my own entertainment and I’m not lazy about it. I like to spend time daydreaming and then drawing pictures of those big wishes. I enjoy singing, learning guitar and figuring out what those big green worms are on Nana’s tomato plants. The world is a big place and it seems to me that the TV can make a person’s world real small if they aren’t careful. I think better media would make better kids, but that’s just my opinion.

I’ve gotta run now. I’m going to call up Luna and see what she’s up to today. Papa said I could bring a friend to his workshop and he’d teach us how to pound nails properly.

If you can, tell Pat Sajak I said hello~ *giggle*

Molly Kite & Faith

<<NOTE:  The information from this article was taken from and can be found by clicking the link. >>

Safe Thoughts For Hurricane Sandy

Dear Diary,

There is a nasty storm climbing up the east coast named Hurricane Sandy! I heard the weatherman say we’d better be prepared for the worst. Nana Whacky says that we’ll be safe from Hurricane Sandy and we’d better prepare for the best. It’s the  law of attraction and we talk about it a lot at our house. The more attention that you give to something, the more you’ll get of it. Similar thoughts gather together and create your real life experiences. Thoughts are things!

I suppose if we focus on the whirling winds, high rising waters and dangers that come with a hurricane then we’re bound to see more of it. It’s like we create a frenzy of fear about a condition that may actually skip right over our little town. On the other hand, if we spend time feeling safe and secure while we enjoy the inside of our homes then maybe all we’ll get is a tightly knit family that loves caring for one another.

Faith and I have got to run! I smell Nana Whacky’s bread baking in the oven. Brother Banjo is setting up a game of Scrabble while Mom and Papa close the window shutters. Maybe later I’ll read a good book;)

Hurricane Sandy, you don’t scare me! Best wishes for safe storm watching. I raise my cocoa mug to you!

Love and chocolate sprinkles,

Molly Kite

See your dream coming true

Dear Diary,

Nana Whacky says that what you give attention to you get more of. She even says it’s a scientific fact that our brains are sort of wired that way. Today I took a few minutes to imagine myself being the most amazing potter the world has ever seen. I’ve created hundreds, even millions of beautiful pieces. I have painted them in all kinds of colors. In my dream I see how happy and excited I am to start every day. I even noticed that my doll, Faith, seems to be smiling.

I’m going to tell my friends that they should practice seeing their goals and dreams being real, too.


Wishes do come true!

Molly Kite