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Donkeys and Elephants Are Ruining The Race

Dear Diary,

There is a race going on between donkeys and elephants. Apparently there are colors involved, too. You can pick red or blue depending on who you want to win the race. This contest  is to see who will get to run this country, one of them will be the new President of the United States.

Apparently this race is making many adults angry. Why are the candidates fighting? Apparently some men represent donkeys and other men represent elephants. These donkeys and elephants who want to run our country just keep arguing. I saw the headlines in the newspaper, those who want to run our country are accusing each other of lying, cheating, and messing with the facts. They are messing up the race and making things confusing for the people watching.

Yikes?! Is that what leaders do? Not me. When I got picked to be the leader of the hide-and-seek game last weekend I was fair and kind and supportive. I had to make some rules, but I was careful to make choices that wouldn’t hurt people but that would help them to succeed.

I’m confused. Shouldn’t the people who are going to be in charge of this country be honest and kind? I think, or I thought, they are supposed to care about people no matter how much money they do or do not have. I also thought that if they were going to make decisions for people that they would do what was best for most of us. That isn’t what I am hearing.

This morning Nana Whacky took me to the local coffee shop for a mid-morning snack. The carrot cake muffin was sweet and tender, but the words coming from the mouths of the folks sitting at the table nearby were not. Their faces were angry and I heard words like “Lying. Stealing. Not trustworthy. Distorting the facts. Misleading. Criminals” There was a lot of fists being pounded on the table and some of the people actually looked like they had no hope. People were picking sides. Some people supported donkeys, some chose the elephant, but all of the folks were frustrated. It sounded to me like all the donkeys and elephants need to be put in a holding pen to think about what they are saying. Nana Whacky would say “Gosh dang it, they need a time out!” I agree.

I don’t like seeing people with no hope. Nana says that things are hard these days and “Things ain’t what they used to be in the good old days.” If old days are good then let’s have some new good old days.

People should play nice together. A race is just a game, and if these donkeys and elephants can’t be fair and run in the race with out lying and being hurtful, then maybe, just maybe, we could vote for a dolphin. They are intelligent and playful. Dolphins live in groups so they must know how to get along. You never see a dolphin angry or cheating someone.

If the dolphin thing doesn’t pan out, then Faith is telling me to vote for Nana Whacky to win the race. After all, she knows where the best coffee shops are.

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