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Faith is Simple

The handmade rag doll made by the loving hands of Nana Whacky is named Faith.  Fortunately, Molly Kite was born with Faith at her side.  She has never known life without it.

If you were to offer Molly a very fine porcelain doll with expensive clothing and moving joints, special shoes and shining glass eyes you would hear her say “Oh no, thank you~!!  My Faith is simple and easy to have with me all the time. There is nothing fancy about Faith, she is easy to be with because she’s all natural and easy to hang on to.  I don’t need anything fancy or expensive when I have my trusted friend.”   I’m absolute positive Molly Kite would squeeze Faith and hug her to her heart, too!

Like the homemade simple doll named Faith trusting in a higher power to magically move their lives will bring children a great sense of ease.  Faith in a higher power is indeed easy to handle, simple to hold on to and it comes straight from the heart.  Encourage your children to believe in the strength and guidance of Faith.

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