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Friends Are Important

Dear Diary~

Sometimes I feel very alone. But not today! My friend Em visited me. She made me feel special and smart and like I matter. I felt really happy that she noticed me and I was glad that she spent time with me. I hope I made her feel as special as she made me feel. I love her as much as I love skapetti spaketti spaghetti!! It makes me hope that every person has a friend like Em and that every person will tell their friend they are glad to know them.

Nana says that the world is my mirror. It means that what is inside of me is reflected outside of me. If the kind, gentle, fun person that Em is is also who I am then I am very happy about that. It makes me want to be the best me EVER!

Thank you, God, for the chance to spend time with Em. She is someone I am thankful to know, she is a gift! I wish this for everyone.

Blueberries & Cream Dreams~

Molly Kite & Faith

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