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Molly Kite Hall of Fame

People Who Are Changing The World

Nana Whacky and I talk about “Game Changers”. These are people who are making things shift and be reshaped. I look up to these people and admire them. I hope you will find inspiration in these people, too. Fun makers. Game changers. Deep thinkers. Feel free to submit your ideas for the Molly Kite Hall of Fame in the comments section.

Kid President.

Talk about a man with a plan, this kid is taking on all the topics! His inspiration is changing as many adults as it is kids.

 Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss needed resilience to take his rhyming and art to amazing levels of success. He was rejected by numerous publishers before he got the first of his forty six story books into the world. He positively affected millions of families by bringing smiles and rhymes into every day life.  I’m having Nana Whacky cook up some green eggs and ham for lunch before we go off to watch “The Lorax” on the big screen.