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Dream Do Have Party

Be Do and Have Party Invite

Dear Diary,

I’m having a law of attraction party!! Halloween is over but the fun doesn’t have to end. A lovely law of attraction coach named Slavika said: “It would be great if parents would create kids parties where kids would dress up and make believe, play roles as what they want to become when they are adults.” I talked with brother Banjo, Nana Whacky, Mama and Papa and we all agree that this will be great fun and powerful for everyone. The idea is that I invite friends to do a “look forward to the future” event.

I will invite other kids that have higher goals and want to achieve them. Everyone will invest some money in their future in order to create an outstanding night. We will dress up as what we have become in the future. We could be millionaire real estate investors, famous author, fashion designer, firemen, artists, missionaries…anything really! Each person must play the role all night long. I’ll have Mama and Papa play-act as reporters and photographers…Everyone will only speak about their achievements in the past tense the entire night.

Shoo Doggie, this will be amazing! An enormous energetic attraction will be created to all those who are there.

I have to go, I have lots to do to prepare this event for all of my friends. Brother Banjo has already decided he’s going as a professional radio announcer for the RedSox. He’s been practicing shouting things like “Strike three, he’s OUTTATHERE!” and he’s even doing videos of himself in mock commercials. My dreams are so big that I have to go do some real deep thinking to come up with a great costume and decide for sure what I want to BE, DO and HAVE in my future. Write a guest list. Prepare some food. Decorations. Babysitter for Faith. No wait! Faith will be with me the whole time.

Party planner extraordinaire,

Molly Kite

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