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Kids Watching TV Is Not For Me

Kids and TelevisionDear Diary, today I was at the library and I came across some numbers about children’s television habits that really surprised me. Here at our home our down-time in front of the tv or internet is limited and monitored, but I guess there aren’t too many families who are careful like we are.  This is what I learned:

  • The average time kids spend watching TV each day is four hours. (Wow! my Mom and Papa limit me to an hour each of television and internet)
  • Children spend more time watching television than an other activity except sleep. (Well not me anyway. I spend many hours outside playing, cooking in the kitchen with Nana Whacky and having volunteer time, too.)
  • 54% of all children have a television set in their room. (If I had a TV set in my room then who would I watch “Wheel of Fortune” with? Gee, that’s no fun!)
  • 44% of kids say they watch something different when they are alone than with their parents and 25% of those kids choose MTV. (If I really want to watch MTV shouldn’t I be able to watch it with adults who love me? There must be a reason kids are watching without adults in the room to guide them. Besides, I wouldn’t want Faith to see some of the stuff I hear about on that channel.)

You know, Dear Diary, maybe I’m just different, but I’m okay with that. I don’t need the television to entertain me. I make up my own entertainment and I’m not lazy about it. I like to spend time daydreaming and then drawing pictures of those big wishes. I enjoy singing, learning guitar and figuring out what those big green worms are on Nana’s tomato plants. The world is a big place and it seems to me that the TV can make a person’s world real small if they aren’t careful. I think better media would make better kids, but that’s just my opinion.

I’ve gotta run now. I’m going to call up Luna and see what she’s up to today. Papa said I could bring a friend to his workshop and he’d teach us how to pound nails properly.

If you can, tell Pat Sajak I said hello~ *giggle*

Molly Kite & Faith

<<NOTE:  The information from this article was taken from and can be found by clicking the link. >>

2 comments to Kids Watching TV

  • Molly has it right! Kids who are allowed to watch TV unsupervised and unlimited are being exposed to things they never should be allowed to see so early. On top of that, experts tell us that after 30 minutes of screen time, the addiction begins with the brain and those children crave more of the same. Molly, I’m glad you are allowed to explore your world more than all of those other children. You are discovering what they are being robbed of… the awesome things around you and inside of you! Count yourself as lucky and let’s all send big wishes into the Universe that more children will start shutting that television and computer off quickly!

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