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Molly Kite Book Review

This children’s book review comes from Chris Linden and his family. Chris is human resource specialist and has no affiliation with the author of “Molly Kite’s Big Dream”. Chris said:

Author Tam Veilleux and Illustrator Russ Cox did a fabulous job creating Molly Kite’s Big Dream. This is a wonderful introduction to the law of attraction for children. Our children effortlessly followed along and enjoyed the story. They understood Molly Kite’s Big Dream and the creative process of her big dream.

I recommend this reading selection because it’s a soft wonderfully told way to teach anyone how we truly have the power to create whatever we want. The creation process is told beautifully and simply for any age to comprehend. Exercising faith, action, gratitude, happy thoughts and paying attention to your inner nudges will breathe life into any dream you choose to create with your imagination. Molly did her part and the Universe did its part and this is co-creation at its best.

The illustrations are vibrant, playful, and stunning.
When we read this story we were right there cheering Molly on. I promise, your children will love Molly Kite’s Big Dream. This is a keeper! The author put it best when she said, “have fun practicing being a creator.”

Chris Linden and Family

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  Thank you Linden family, for helping make our BIG dream a reality! Best wishes in all you dream, do & have!

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