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Mothers Day Every Day

Dear Diary~

Today was Momma’s Special Day. I just feel overflowing with gladness and thanks about all of the good things mother’s everywhere do to positively affect children. I know that being a Mom is more than just keeping me warm and dry and fed. My mom supports my dreams and goals!

I know being a mother means that she thinks about me and Banjo when we are not in the house. It means she tucks my blankets in real tight after she reads my bedtime story because she remembers that I like it that way but that Banjo wants his blankets to be all loosey goosey so he can expose his feet in the middle of the night. Being a mother means at the market she picks out the cherry gummy bears instead of those yucky orange ones. It means she can predict ‘zactly when I need a big bowl of skapetti and butter.It means she lets me try on her lipstick even when she isn’t home. (OOPS! I don’t know if that one is true.)

Mom. I love her pretty blue eyes and pink lipstick. She’s the best! I love her for all the things she does for me and it felt good to make her feel special yesterday, too. I really hope kids everywhere took the time to make a list of all the good things their Mom does for them. I hope they told their Mothers that they love, love, love her. I ‘specially hope they make their Mom’s a big bowl of skapetti and butter for a very special dinner.

Here’s hoping Mom’s everywhere have a little bit of dandelion fluff to make a wish upon. Happy Mother’s Day!

Pink lipstick kisses~

With Faith,

Molly Kite

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