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Not Everyone Is So Lucky But Every One Needs Love

Dear Diary,

Today my heart felt sort of heavy in my chest. As Nana Whacky and I were walking down the street today I saw a lady who seemed really out of luck. She looked confused as she stood next to her two duffle bags. I think she hadn’t showered in a while and maybe she was hungry. I saw her put her hand out as some people walked passed her. One person passing her by said something not very nice to her. I saw the Lost Lady wince.

Nana saw the whole thing, too. She walked over to the woman, gave her a few dollars and pointed her in the direction of what Nana called a “shelter”. When Nana gave the Lost Lady a peace sign the Lost Lady smiled. When she smiled I think I saw sparks come from her eyes and it made me smile, too. I imagined winged angels guiding the smiling unlucky lady to “the shelter” and I felt better.

On the way home from town Nana and I talked about how some people’s luck runs out, but it doesn’t make them bad people. She said sometimes people make choices that aren’t so good, but still it doesn’t mean they aren’t loveable. “And Honey-Pot, doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved?!” she squealed at me as she pinched my cheek.

We spent the rest of the afternoon imagining the Lost Lady cleaned up and dressed in fine clothes working at the local grocery. We laughed as we thought about her having a lot of money and helping other people with it. I thought maybe she wasn’t unlucky after all, maybe she was just growing her love muscles.

*Sigh. I feel much better and Faith just whispered to me that the Lost Lady is going to be just fine.

Spaghetti kisses,
Molly Kite

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