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Operation Santa

The holidays are here and it’s a special time at my house. Nana Whacky is baking her famous “Nut Puffs” which look like happy little snowballs, Banjo is learning to play the, uh, the banjo-he is practicing the jingle bells song, and Mama and Papa are off delivering meals to our neighbors. I feel very fortunate!

Many needy children do not have the same good luck as I do. Thankfully many children believe in the goodness and charity of the Christmas season that does not come in the form of gifts. Their “Dear Santa” letters arrive by the thousands in every Post Office in the United States.

Each year kind hearted people bring Operation Santa Claus to life by answering “Dear Santa” letters from needy children who would otherwise have no Christmas at all.

For more information about Operation Santa, please click here.

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