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Safe Thoughts For Hurricane Sandy

Dear Diary,

There is a nasty storm climbing up the east coast named Hurricane Sandy! I heard the weatherman say we’d better be prepared for the worst. Nana Whacky says that we’ll be safe from Hurricane Sandy and we’d better prepare for the best. It’s the  law of attraction and we talk about it a lot at our house. The more attention that you give to something, the more you’ll get of it. Similar thoughts gather together and create your real life experiences. Thoughts are things!

I suppose if we focus on the whirling winds, high rising waters and dangers that come with a hurricane then we’re bound to see more of it. It’s like we create a frenzy of fear about a condition that may actually skip right over our little town. On the other hand, if we spend time feeling safe and secure while we enjoy the inside of our homes then maybe all we’ll get is a tightly knit family that loves caring for one another.

Faith and I have got to run! I smell Nana Whacky’s bread baking in the oven. Brother Banjo is setting up a game of Scrabble while Mom and Papa close the window shutters. Maybe later I’ll read a good book;)

Hurricane Sandy, you don’t scare me! Best wishes for safe storm watching. I raise my cocoa mug to you!

Love and chocolate sprinkles,

Molly Kite

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