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Change The World in 5 Minutes a Day

Kids everywhere are changing the world five minutes at a time. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes.

Nana Whacky, A Modern Day Conscious Grandparent

Nana Whacky is groovy.  Nana Whacky is also conscious about the law of attraction and the part it plays in the lives of children. Nana Whacky loves nature, gardening and whistling Beatles tunes. Molly Kite’s doll Faith was made by the nimble hands of Nana Whacky who infused the doll with love and [...]

Your Grandmother Suggests Molly Kite

Grandparents are full of wisdom.  They know that their thoughts become things.  They have years of examples of listening to their hearts instead of the voices in their heads. Conscious grandparenting, or, grandparenting on purpose is easier with better media such as Molly Kite & Company stories.  Bringing Faith into each day, even in the [...]