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Better Media Means Better Kids

March 12, 2013

Dear Diary,

This is Nana Whacky~ I am hi-jacking my young grandaughter Molly Kite’s journal entry today. Since she and I have open discussions about big topics that she writes about in this journal, today I want to add my own two cents.

Making good choices as a conscious caregiver can be tough. I say parenting is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Fighting over the television channel is never easy. What I know to be an unhealthy habit is lost on little ones who just want to sit and be entertained. Happily, I just found this excellent graphic from that shows that when you change the television channel to educational programming for kids, great results can happen. It’s good news for parents who are willing to use their remote as you will see in the following graphic.

I hope Molly Kite reads this and realizes that when I change her television channel it is because I am determined to help her make better judgements, end conflicts without violence, and just plain be a better person.
Better TV Infographic


Discipline Training for the Media

January 7, 2013

Better media for kids

Dear Diary,

It seems that there isn’t enough discipline in the world and maybe it starts with the people who write tv shows! Brother Banjo and I were watching a funny show the other morning and really enjoying ourselves when suddenly the little boy in the show spoke very badly to his mother. He called her a name, shouted at her and stormed out of the room while the mom just rolled her eyes and laughed and the grandfather said something about the child being a “chip off the old block.” There was even the sound of an audience laughing out loud. Well, Diary, I tell you this. I don’t know what block that chip came from, but it’s not one Banjo or I want to be part of.

I’m glad Mama and Papa have taught our family kindness. It’s something our family values in a big way. When we are out of line in our words or actions we are sat down and asked to express ourselves differently. It’s really hard to do sometimes, but we work through it together.

The television show problem helped Banjo and I start a conversation. “What if TV shows only allowed respectful interactions,” said my brother. “YES!” I shouted “And what if when something not very nice came up there was a banner that ran across the television with a warning that said “This Is NOT How You Should Behave”.

That made Banjo laugh out loud before offering ‘What if the parent’s were disciplined for misbehaving or for allowing disrespect?! They should have cleared up the issue with the kid right away instead of allowing that kind of bad behavior.”

Now my brain was really thinking hard and little Johnny Poe danced a little as he waited for my next big idea. “What if when people act rudely or without respect they are lovingly taught an option they could have used. We could retrain people by having them write sentences that help them remember a better choice, like: I always speak with respect to everyone. Or, I act as a great model of courtesy.”

The way Johnny Poe is jumping up and down and ruffling his feathers I’d say he thinks we kids are pretty smart! (Maybe I’ll run for president.)

Better media makes beautiful people. I’m Molly Kite and I have Faith!!

Blueberry hugs & kisses,

Molly Kite & Faith

Kids Watching TV

October 31, 2012

Kids and TelevisionDear Diary, today I was at the library and I came across some numbers about children’s television habits that really surprised me. Here at our home our down-time in front of the tv or internet is limited and monitored, but I guess there aren’t too many families who are careful like we are.  This is what I learned:

  • The average time kids spend watching TV each day is four hours. (Wow! my Mom and Papa limit me to an hour each of television and internet)
  • Children spend more time watching television than an other activity except sleep. (Well not me anyway. I spend many hours outside playing, cooking in the kitchen with Nana Whacky and having volunteer time, too.)
  • 54% of all children have a television set in their room. (If I had a TV set in my room then who would I watch “Wheel of Fortune” with? Gee, that’s no fun!)
  • 44% of kids say they watch something different when they are alone than with their parents and 25% of those kids choose MTV. (If I really want to watch MTV shouldn’t I be able to watch it with adults who love me? There must be a reason kids are watching without adults in the room to guide them. Besides, I wouldn’t want Faith to see some of the stuff I hear about on that channel.)

You know, Dear Diary, maybe I’m just different, but I’m okay with that. I don’t need the television to entertain me. I make up my own entertainment and I’m not lazy about it. I like to spend time daydreaming and then drawing pictures of those big wishes. I enjoy singing, learning guitar and figuring out what those big green worms are on Nana’s tomato plants. The world is a big place and it seems to me that the TV can make a person’s world real small if they aren’t careful. I think better media would make better kids, but that’s just my opinion.

I’ve gotta run now. I’m going to call up Luna and see what she’s up to today. Papa said I could bring a friend to his workshop and he’d teach us how to pound nails properly.

If you can, tell Pat Sajak I said hello~ *giggle*

Molly Kite & Faith

<<NOTE:  The information from this article was taken from and can be found by clicking the link. >>

Mothers Day Every Day

May 14, 2012

Dear Diary~

Today was Momma’s Special Day. I just feel overflowing with gladness and thanks about all of the good things mother’s everywhere do to positively affect children. I know that being a Mom is more than just keeping me warm and dry and fed. My mom supports my dreams and goals!

I know being a mother means that she thinks about me and Banjo when we are not in the house. It means she tucks my blankets in real tight after she reads my bedtime story because she remembers that I like it that way but that Banjo wants his blankets to be all loosey goosey so he can expose his feet in the middle of the night. Being a mother means at the market she picks out the cherry gummy bears instead of those yucky orange ones. It means she can predict ‘zactly when I need a big bowl of skapetti and butter.It means she lets me try on her lipstick even when she isn’t home. (OOPS! I don’t know if that one is true.)

Mom. I love her pretty blue eyes and pink lipstick. She’s the best! I love her for all the things she does for me and it felt good to make her feel special yesterday, too. I really hope kids everywhere took the time to make a list of all the good things their Mom does for them. I hope they told their Mothers that they love, love, love her. I ‘specially hope they make their Mom’s a big bowl of skapetti and butter for a very special dinner.

Here’s hoping Mom’s everywhere have a little bit of dandelion fluff to make a wish upon. Happy Mother’s Day!

Pink lipstick kisses~

With Faith,

Molly Kite

Not Everyone Is So Lucky But Every One Needs Love

February 13, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today my heart felt sort of heavy in my chest. As Nana Whacky and I were walking down the street today I saw a lady who seemed really out of luck. She looked confused as she stood next to her two duffle bags. I think she hadn’t showered in a while and maybe she was hungry. I saw her put her hand out as some people walked passed her. One person passing her by said something not very nice to her. I saw the Lost Lady wince.

Nana saw the whole thing, too. She walked over to the woman, gave her a few dollars and pointed her in the direction of what Nana called a “shelter”. When Nana gave the Lost Lady a peace sign the Lost Lady smiled. When she smiled I think I saw sparks come from her eyes and it made me smile, too. I imagined winged angels guiding the smiling unlucky lady to “the shelter” and I felt better.

On the way home from town Nana and I talked about how some people’s luck runs out, but it doesn’t make them bad people. She said sometimes people make choices that aren’t so good, but still it doesn’t mean they aren’t loveable. “And Honey-Pot, doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved?!” she squealed at me as she pinched my cheek.

We spent the rest of the afternoon imagining the Lost Lady cleaned up and dressed in fine clothes working at the local grocery. We laughed as we thought about her having a lot of money and helping other people with it. I thought maybe she wasn’t unlucky after all, maybe she was just growing her love muscles.

*Sigh. I feel much better and Faith just whispered to me that the Lost Lady is going to be just fine.

Spaghetti kisses,
Molly Kite

We don’t watch World News

February 1, 2012

Molly Kite and companyDear Diary,

I don’t watch a lot of television. And now we watch even less of the world news. Mama and Papa sat down the whole family and we talked about this decision. Banjo started by saying the nightly news makes him angry. When he sees something going wrong he feels like fighting and slamming his fist. He says it’s hard to control his anger. Nana Whacky’s eyes got sort of wet and she said “I ain’t watching people take advantage of other people any more!” She even shook her fist at the TV Box. That made me giggle.

Mama and Papa talked about the fact that humans are influenced by what they see in front of them. They said that by us keeping the world news on during the evening we are focusing our attention bad things, things that make us unhappy. The more we watch and comment, the worse we feel. Papa said that rather than be angry as we watch the news we should turn our attention to better things. Better media makes us beautiful people is what he said. I think that was exactly the moment when Banjo whispered something about maybe Mama should watch more of the cooking channel. (I giggled again. I like it when Banjo teases Mama!)

I think we made a good choice that night. No more watching and hearing about everything that is going wrong with the world. From now on we are only going to pay attention to things that make us feel good.

Hugs, kisses & spaghetti,    Molly Kite (and Faith)

Change The World in 5 Minutes a Day

January 25, 2012

Kids everywhere are changing the world five minutes at a time. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes.

Be An Optimist

November 10, 2011

This is Nana~ Listen up. Optimism will get you places. Here are three ways we can teach our kids to be more optimistic:

Model optimism. Kids learn what is modeled in front of them every day. Walk your talk.

Perspective matters. Teach kids that there is  more than one way to look at every
situation. We can show them how to take a bad moment and turn it into something good.

Say it loud and say it proud: “My glass is half full.” Full it up with a full explanation of what exactly that means, that you prefer to see things as hopeful and with great possibility rather than seeing things as a hindrance.

Molly Kite and the MagicBlox Library Card

January 1, 2011


Do you know that you can get an online library card with MagicBlox?  “Molly Kite Has Faith”  is available online with audio through this amazing company that publishes children’s books online.  If your young reader loves technology then get him or her a library card at MagicBlox and start the year off right.

Faith is Simple

July 30, 2010

The handmade rag doll made by the loving hands of Nana Whacky is named Faith.  Fortunately, Molly Kite was born with Faith at her side.  She has never known life without it.

If you were to offer Molly a very fine porcelain doll with expensive clothing and moving joints, special shoes and shining glass eyes you would hear her say “Oh no, thank you~!!  My Faith is simple and easy to have with me all the time. There is nothing fancy about Faith, she is easy to be with because she’s all natural and easy to hang on to.  I don’t need anything fancy or expensive when I have my trusted friend.”   I’m absolute positive Molly Kite would squeeze Faith and hug her to her heart, too!

Like the homemade simple doll named Faith trusting in a higher power to magically move their lives will bring children a great sense of ease.  Faith in a higher power is indeed easy to handle, simple to hold on to and it comes straight from the heart.  Encourage your children to believe in the strength and guidance of Faith.

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