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Get Unstuck

March 13, 2013

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I dropped honey on my dress when I was snacking. What a mess !How can I get unstuck? I have Faith that an answer will come.

Sticky kisses,


Discipline Training for the Media

January 7, 2013

Better media for kids

Dear Diary,

It seems that there isn’t enough discipline in the world and maybe it starts with the people who write tv shows! Brother Banjo and I were watching a funny show the other morning and really enjoying ourselves when suddenly the little boy in the show spoke very badly to his mother. He called her a name, shouted at her and stormed out of the room while the mom just rolled her eyes and laughed and the grandfather said something about the child being a “chip off the old block.” There was even the sound of an audience laughing out loud. Well, Diary, I tell you this. I don’t know what block that chip came from, but it’s not one Banjo or I want to be part of.

I’m glad Mama and Papa have taught our family kindness. It’s something our family values in a big way. When we are out of line in our words or actions we are sat down and asked to express ourselves differently. It’s really hard to do sometimes, but we work through it together.

The television show problem helped Banjo and I start a conversation. “What if TV shows only allowed respectful interactions,” said my brother. “YES!” I shouted “And what if when something not very nice came up there was a banner that ran across the television with a warning that said “This Is NOT How You Should Behave”.

That made Banjo laugh out loud before offering ‘What if the parent’s were disciplined for misbehaving or for allowing disrespect?! They should have cleared up the issue with the kid right away instead of allowing that kind of bad behavior.”

Now my brain was really thinking hard and little Johnny Poe danced a little as he waited for my next big idea. “What if when people act rudely or without respect they are lovingly taught an option they could have used. We could retrain people by having them write sentences that help them remember a better choice, like: I always speak with respect to everyone. Or, I act as a great model of courtesy.”

The way Johnny Poe is jumping up and down and ruffling his feathers I’d say he thinks we kids are pretty smart! (Maybe I’ll run for president.)

Better media makes beautiful people. I’m Molly Kite and I have Faith!!

Blueberry hugs & kisses,

Molly Kite & Faith

See your dream coming true

October 10, 2012

Dear Diary,

Nana Whacky says that what you give attention to you get more of. She even says it’s a scientific fact that our brains are sort of wired that way. Today I took a few minutes to imagine myself being the most amazing potter the world has ever seen. I’ve created hundreds, even millions of beautiful pieces. I have painted them in all kinds of colors. In my dream I see how happy and excited I am to start every day. I even noticed that my doll, Faith, seems to be smiling.

I’m going to tell my friends that they should practice seeing their goals and dreams being real, too.


Wishes do come true!

Molly Kite

Mothers Day Every Day

May 14, 2012

Dear Diary~

Today was Momma’s Special Day. I just feel overflowing with gladness and thanks about all of the good things mother’s everywhere do to positively affect children. I know that being a Mom is more than just keeping me warm and dry and fed. My mom supports my dreams and goals!

I know being a mother means that she thinks about me and Banjo when we are not in the house. It means she tucks my blankets in real tight after she reads my bedtime story because she remembers that I like it that way but that Banjo wants his blankets to be all loosey goosey so he can expose his feet in the middle of the night. Being a mother means at the market she picks out the cherry gummy bears instead of those yucky orange ones. It means she can predict ‘zactly when I need a big bowl of skapetti and butter.It means she lets me try on her lipstick even when she isn’t home. (OOPS! I don’t know if that one is true.)

Mom. I love her pretty blue eyes and pink lipstick. She’s the best! I love her for all the things she does for me and it felt good to make her feel special yesterday, too. I really hope kids everywhere took the time to make a list of all the good things their Mom does for them. I hope they told their Mothers that they love, love, love her. I ‘specially hope they make their Mom’s a big bowl of skapetti and butter for a very special dinner.

Here’s hoping Mom’s everywhere have a little bit of dandelion fluff to make a wish upon. Happy Mother’s Day!

Pink lipstick kisses~

With Faith,

Molly Kite

Donkeys and Elephants Are Ruining The Race

February 29, 2012

Dear Diary,

There is a race going on between donkeys and elephants. Apparently there are colors involved, too. You can pick red or blue depending on who you want to win the race. This contest  is to see who will get to run this country, one of them will be the new President of the United States.

Apparently this race is making many adults angry. Why are the candidates fighting? Apparently some men represent donkeys and other men represent elephants. These donkeys and elephants who want to run our country just keep arguing. I saw the headlines in the newspaper, those who want to run our country are accusing each other of lying, cheating, and messing with the facts. They are messing up the race and making things confusing for the people watching.

Yikes?! Is that what leaders do? Not me. When I got picked to be the leader of the hide-and-seek game last weekend I was fair and kind and supportive. I had to make some rules, but I was careful to make choices that wouldn’t hurt people but that would help them to succeed.

I’m confused. Shouldn’t the people who are going to be in charge of this country be honest and kind? I think, or I thought, they are supposed to care about people no matter how much money they do or do not have. I also thought that if they were going to make decisions for people that they would do what was best for most of us. That isn’t what I am hearing.

This morning Nana Whacky took me to the local coffee shop for a mid-morning snack. The carrot cake muffin was sweet and tender, but the words coming from the mouths of the folks sitting at the table nearby were not. Their faces were angry and I heard words like “Lying. Stealing. Not trustworthy. Distorting the facts. Misleading. Criminals” There was a lot of fists being pounded on the table and some of the people actually looked like they had no hope. People were picking sides. Some people supported donkeys, some chose the elephant, but all of the folks were frustrated. It sounded to me like all the donkeys and elephants need to be put in a holding pen to think about what they are saying. Nana Whacky would say “Gosh dang it, they need a time out!” I agree.

I don’t like seeing people with no hope. Nana says that things are hard these days and “Things ain’t what they used to be in the good old days.” If old days are good then let’s have some new good old days.

People should play nice together. A race is just a game, and if these donkeys and elephants can’t be fair and run in the race with out lying and being hurtful, then maybe, just maybe, we could vote for a dolphin. They are intelligent and playful. Dolphins live in groups so they must know how to get along. You never see a dolphin angry or cheating someone.

If the dolphin thing doesn’t pan out, then Faith is telling me to vote for Nana Whacky to win the race. After all, she knows where the best coffee shops are.

Not Everyone Is So Lucky But Every One Needs Love

February 13, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today my heart felt sort of heavy in my chest. As Nana Whacky and I were walking down the street today I saw a lady who seemed really out of luck. She looked confused as she stood next to her two duffle bags. I think she hadn’t showered in a while and maybe she was hungry. I saw her put her hand out as some people walked passed her. One person passing her by said something not very nice to her. I saw the Lost Lady wince.

Nana saw the whole thing, too. She walked over to the woman, gave her a few dollars and pointed her in the direction of what Nana called a “shelter”. When Nana gave the Lost Lady a peace sign the Lost Lady smiled. When she smiled I think I saw sparks come from her eyes and it made me smile, too. I imagined winged angels guiding the smiling unlucky lady to “the shelter” and I felt better.

On the way home from town Nana and I talked about how some people’s luck runs out, but it doesn’t make them bad people. She said sometimes people make choices that aren’t so good, but still it doesn’t mean they aren’t loveable. “And Honey-Pot, doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved?!” she squealed at me as she pinched my cheek.

We spent the rest of the afternoon imagining the Lost Lady cleaned up and dressed in fine clothes working at the local grocery. We laughed as we thought about her having a lot of money and helping other people with it. I thought maybe she wasn’t unlucky after all, maybe she was just growing her love muscles.

*Sigh. I feel much better and Faith just whispered to me that the Lost Lady is going to be just fine.

Spaghetti kisses,
Molly Kite

Operation Santa

November 29, 2011

The holidays are here and it’s a special time at my house. Nana Whacky is baking her famous “Nut Puffs” which look like happy little snowballs, Banjo is learning to play the, uh, the banjo-he is practicing the jingle bells song, and Mama and Papa are off delivering meals to our neighbors. I feel very fortunate!

Many needy children do not have the same good luck as I do. Thankfully many children believe in the goodness and charity of the Christmas season that does not come in the form of gifts. Their “Dear Santa” letters arrive by the thousands in every Post Office in the United States.

Each year kind hearted people bring Operation Santa Claus to life by answering “Dear Santa” letters from needy children who would otherwise have no Christmas at all.

For more information about Operation Santa, please click here.

Share Your Big Dream

October 21, 2011

You know what? Sometimes I forget to tell other people about my dream. Have you ever done that, you know, forgotten to tell people what you are aiming for.

I noticed that when I talk about my dream people want to help me. The more excitement I show the more I can see other people trying to figure out how to help me. I can tell, they honestly want to help me get a great result and there is a possibility that they have the missing link I need.

So don’t do what I did. Don’t make the mistake of keeping your dream to yourself. Tell your parents, your sister or brother, aunts and uncles, friends, really you can tell your dreams to anyone you trust to support you.

Good luck with your big dream!

Begin With A Dream

October 20, 2011

Nana Whacky tells me it is important to have dreams. “Without a dream you have no reason to get out of bed in the morning” is what she says. She tells me that there are no limits to my goals and if I dream BIG then I get BIG results. She said if I “reach for the moon I’ll at least hit the stars.”

So I’m spending time this week deciding what I want to have, do or be in my life.

Molly Kite’s Big Dream

March 30, 2011

I dream with my eyes wide open.  It’s no secret. It’s true!  I don’t wait to go to sleep before I dream and set goals. I be sure to dream every day and use the law of attraction.  One of my biggest dreams is to be a potter.  One day I want to have made hundreds of pieces of pottery with bright colors and fun designs.

When I first felt the urge to be a potter I didn’t know how I could ever do it.  I really didn’t know anything about how it was done.  But with a little bit of help, a lot of prayer and faith along with some action I actually made my first vase!  Oh, there was more to it than just wishing and hoping.  My Nana Whacky taught Brother Banjo and I the Law of Attraction. I didn’t just go around waiting for a potter’s wheel to show up in Papa’s workshop. Oh no!  I prayed, and trusted Faith and read about pottery and looked at books and, and….

If you really want to know more about my story and how I made my biggest dream come true then you may want to read about it online.  OR, you can order a colorful storybook.

I can’t wait to share more about making YOUR dreams come true.

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