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Take Care of Each Other With the 50 Women Project

I heard Nana Whacky talking about the 50 Women Project.  She said that MJ Schrader has asked women from all over the world to participate by agreeing to help fifty women over the course of one year and then report it on her website.
Faith says giving of ourselves to others opens our hearts for more [...]

Where Is The Wisdom

Where in your child’s life is the wisdom coming from? If your little pile of love is sitting in front of the television while you are playing on FaceBook do you really know the depth of the messages being delivered to the small sponge you birthed? Powerful characters like Nana Whacky, a [...]

Faith is Simple

The handmade rag doll made by the loving hands of Nana Whacky is named Faith.  Fortunately, Molly Kite was born with Faith at her side.  She has never known life without it.

If you were to offer Molly a very fine porcelain doll with expensive clothing and moving joints, special shoes and shining glass eyes you [...]

What to do with the dream

Your little one has just announced their wildest dream ever, now what?!

No matter how outrageous, silly or simply impossible your child’s dream may be – don’t squash it.  Whatever you do, don’t frown, scowl or shake your head at the ideas of your small one.  They don’t yet understand potential obstacles.  And really why should [...]

Faith is Simple

Faith is not fussy or difficult. Faith is simple. Keep Faith at your side, too. See how quickly your dreams come alive.Faith [...]

Molly Kite Dreams BIG

The Molly Kite Has Faith story offers a strong example of how your child can and should dream big.

In the charming first story of Molly Kite you find her dreaming about being a potter even though she has no idea how in the world to throw clay into beautiful shapes and sizes.  But trusting in [...]

Nana Whacky, A Modern Day Conscious Grandparent

Nana Whacky is groovy.  Nana Whacky is also conscious about the law of attraction and the part it plays in the lives of children. Nana Whacky loves nature, gardening and whistling Beatles tunes. Molly Kite’s doll Faith was made by the nimble hands of Nana Whacky who infused the doll with love and [...]

Your Grandmother Suggests Molly Kite

Grandparents are full of wisdom.  They know that their thoughts become things.  They have years of examples of listening to their hearts instead of the voices in their heads. Conscious grandparenting, or, grandparenting on purpose is easier with better media such as Molly Kite & Company stories.  Bringing Faith into each day, even in the [...]

Meet Molly Kite

Are you tired of yellow sponges and spike haired boys leading your kids?  Be a leader for change. Welcome to the world of Molly Kite.

Molly Kite, her intuitive rag doll Faith, brother Banjo, Nana Whacky, and pet raven Johnny Poe will teach your youngsters the art of heart centered [...]