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Donkeys and Elephants Are Ruining The Race

Dear Diary,

There is a race going on between donkeys and elephants. Apparently there are colors involved, too. You can pick red or blue depending on who you want to win the race. This contest  is to see who will get to run this country, one of them will be the new President of the [...]

Do The Impossible

Having a dream is a great thing but Nana Whacky says making the dream bigger than I think I can is even better. She tells me I should try to do the impossible.

Mr. Walt Disney said “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  Nana says that when times got tough for Mr. Disney he [...]

What Inspires You?

Finding inspiration can be difficult sometimes. I think it’s really important that you find out what makes you [...]

Share Your Big Dream

I noticed that when I talk about my dream people want to help me. The more excitement I show the more I can [...]

Out Of The Way and Into The Possibility

I was whining to Nana Whacky about wanting a new iPod. I told her my allowance money wasn’t adding up very quickly at all. She said to me “Get out of your own way and into your possibilities.” She then giggled and called me a little ninny, whatever that is. I [...]