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Mothers Day Every Day

My mom supports my dreams and goals. She’s the best! I love her for all the things she does for me and it felt good to make her feel special [...]

Friends Are Important

Dear Diary~

Sometimes I feel very alone. But not today! My pal Em visited me. She made me feel special and smart and like I matter. I felt really happy that she noticed me and I was glad that she spent time with me. I [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from Molly Kite

Dear Friends and Family~

I love my Mama’s turkey dinner and  Nana Whacky makes some crazy good gravy! But do you know what really rocks my world?  I love, love, love hanging out with big brother Banjo, my cousins, my Pops and our neighbor, Lady E.  On Thanksgiving Day it’s a great time to say thank [...]