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We don't watch World News

Molly Kite and companyDear Diary,

I don’t watch a lot of television. And now we watch even less of the world news. Mama and Papa sat down the whole family and we talked about this decision. Banjo started by saying the nightly news makes him angry. When he sees something going wrong he feels like fighting and slamming his fist. He says it’s hard to control his anger. Nana Whacky’s eyes got sort of wet and she said “I ain’t watching people take advantage of other people any more!” She even shook her fist at the TV Box. That made me giggle.

Mama and Papa talked about the fact that humans are influenced by what they see in front of them. They said that by us keeping the world news on during the evening we are focusing our attention bad things, things that make us unhappy. The more we watch and comment, the worse we feel. Papa said that rather than be angry as we watch the news we should turn our attention to better things. Better media makes us beautiful people is what he said. I think that was exactly the moment when Banjo whispered something about maybe Mama should watch more of the cooking channel. (I giggled again. I like it when Banjo teases Mama!)

I think we made a good choice that night. No more watching and hearing about everything that is going wrong with the world. From now on we are only going to pay attention to things that make us feel good.

Hugs, kisses & spaghetti,    Molly Kite (and Faith)

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